Hello, we are Ibiza´s favorite production crew.

We are a locally based creative production company shooting commercials, music videos, films, documentaries and stills. We provide bespoke production services for clients and companies wishing to shoot photo and video in Ibiza.

We are creatives with all manner of talents and backgrounds. What we share in common is a passion for telling stories through the use of new technologies. Be it fashion, music, narrative or realityTV, we strive to create visually stunning, emotionally compelling, intellectually engaging content that captures the hearts and minds of your target audience.

We are your partner with insider knowlege of the island, we´ll make you feel like a local!

  • -Relevancy relies on knowledge: we know where to find the exact prop, the right bit of grip, the perfect shot, the fitting location.
  • -With over 20 years of production experience on the island, we can advize on all aspects of your shoot, photo or video.
  • -We understand that production needs more than 9-5 so we’re available 24/7, 365 days of the year, challenge us, right now!
  • call or whatsapp us now on (+34 677 164 859)

We are fixers but also artists, technologis­ts and makers for all media.

New digital technologies have changed video production for ever, what was once costing hundred of thousand euros can now be achieved at a fraction of the cost and at much higher quality. What technology can’t replace is talent, passion and experience.

creative services

We have a solid background as creatives in the advertising industry, so we can find the right idea, develop the right concept for every type of project and handle every aspects of the production, from brainstorming to delivery of the final cut.

bespoke solutions

we  provide specific audiovisual solutions for all sorts of projects: satellite & broadband link for live broadcast, streaming, multi camera shoot, vision mixing, ob truck, VR 360 specialists, drone mounted Alexa Mini LF, just ask us!

Get in touch! (+34) 677 164 859