Hello, we are Ibiza´s production crew!

We are a locally based creative production company providing ibiza based production managers, fixers, videographers and photgraphers shooting commercials, music videos, multicam events and concerts as well as films, documentaries and stills. We provide bespoke production services for clients and companies wishing to shoot photo and video in Ibiza.

We are production professionals with all manner of talents and backgrounds. What we share in common is a passion for telling stories, be it through fashion, music, narrative or realityTV, we strive to help you create visually stunning, emotionally compelling, intellectually engaging content that captures the hearts and minds of your target audience.

Bespoke solutions

We provide production services, equipment rentals, and location services tailored to your specific needs. Backed by highly skilled local teams boasting over 20 years of production expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptionally efficient, cost effective and creative solution for your production needs.

Creative services

At the helm of our production company is Bastien, who has a solid background as fixer/producer but as well as a director and DoP with a broad range of projects under his belt.

Fashion productions

We over 300 days of sun per year, and more hours of light even int he winter and fantastic locations, Ibiza has become one of the favorite destiantion for shooting fashion for many brands. have a look at some of our past fashion shoots by following the link on the right, or check our portfolio here under.

Some of our productions through the years:

TV shows:

Dynamo Magician impossibleThe ibiza edition

Full services for the production of Dynamo´s Ibiza edition, including crew, transport, locations.

I want my MTV Ibiza – concerts

CClabs approached us to help setup the filming of 8 multicam concerts for MTV Worldwide, we provided a range of services including operators, equipment, permits, etc.

X Diaries – RTL2 Deutschland

We provided full production services for the reality TV show “X Diaries” for German TV Channel RTL2, who shot 20 episodes of 45 minutes with 4 filming crew over the course of 3 months of shooting.

Music events, multicams, streamings:

International Music Summit

Produced/direction of the multicam filming and streaming of the summit´s conferences and panels, for 6 years, as well as shooting and editing the aftermovies.

David Guetta DJMag award show

Production and direction of David´s DJMag show crowning him the world´s nº1 DJ for the 4th time, marking also Bastien´s 15th year of working with David on his music videos, socials, documentaries, etc

Beatport ReConnect Ibiza 2021

We provided crew, equipment, stock footage and editing for beatport´s multicam event.

Music video and spots:

Kamalya – Aphrodite

Bastien directed and shot the music video for Russian market juggernaut singer Kamalya.

Sony Summer workout Sony UK

Production Services for this ad for Sony UK, Bastien was director of photography as well.

Sebastien Drums ft. Roxette

Bastien produced and directed this music video for Sebastien´s track “Some other Summer”


Boohoo UK – photos & video

Full production services for a couple of TV adverts , catalog and socials photos.

Tessuti UK – photos & video

Full production services for catalog and socials – photos and videos.

Gianvitto Rossi – IT

Series of films shot by bastien for Gucci owned luxury shoes Gianvitto Rossi, production through Loft Studios ibiza.

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